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3 Ways to Use Cushions


If you were to ask me, cushion compacts are probably the best gift that Korean beauty can share to the rest of us beauty aficionados. This, of course, says a lot because you know just how revolutionary the K-beauty products can be. But ever since cushion compacts have been introduced to us, I feel like my makeup routine has significantly improved. I no longer need to touch and retouch my makeup during the day too. Cushion compacts have given me a new lease in the beauty life and I feel like their popularity is truly well-deserved. So are you ready to give cushion compact a try too? Here are some of its uses.


Here are three ways to sue cushion compacts:


#1: For perfecting your skin

For me, what sets compact cushions apart is that they are made out of liquid formula that are applied in a sponge. We then just get small amounts of this formula from the sponge whenever we need to apply it. And then, there is the applicator. This will be mostly lightweight and gives the most illuminating of effects. With the cushion compact, one will not need to pat down a setting powder because most of the formulas finish off matte already.


#2: For concealing eyebags

Another thing I like about cushions is that they have such a brightening effect. I particularly love applying them over and under my eyes to sort of even out the color there.


#3: For priming your lids

The mark of a good cushion compact is its ability to keep your skin matte despite the humidity and the sweat on your skin. This is why the cushion compact is such a good primer. It gets your skin ready and keeps the oiliness at bay before you proceed to applying the rest of your makeup.




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