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4 Uses for Dome Brush


A few years ago, I spotted this odd shaped (toothbrush like) brush on the market. Then, the price for one was pretty steep, say 50 bucks a piece, and I thought it really was not worth my money. It felt a little too gimmicky, if you ask me. But fast forward to today and just about every brand now offers this special brush at a price I can be happy with. So I bought one and have been researching about them. I found out that there are four main uses for this special brush. Here is a list of those uses:


#1: As base application

I guess this is the most popular use for this brush. I love that the dense bristles of the brush can help apply dense creams and liquid foundations quite seamlessly. So what you need to do is to swipe your foundation over your face first before you buff the streaks away with your dome brush.


#2: As concealer application

Concealer application can be quite tricky. Who would think that such a small amount of product could cause streaks and cakiness, right? Well I’m telling you that the dome brush can fix that problem quite easily. So all you need to do is to apply your concealer (just a small amount please). Then just slightly diffuse the formula using your brush.


#3: For applying your contour products

Are you a fan of cream contour? The dome brush can help you apply that too. All you need to do is to apply a bit of product on the hollows of your cheeks and jawline. When that is done, go ahead and diffuse it seamlessly with your dense dome brush.


#4: For setting your makeup

Done with applying your makeup? Let’s finish the last step by swiping on a bit of setting powder using your dome brush. Buff down the setting powder with your brush for a flawless finish.


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