Dimples And Smiles

How to Pop Your Zit


Let’s all admit it, whenever we wake up to a throbbing and inflamed pimple on our faces, the first thing that comes to mind is this: how best to go about popping it. Well, you’re not alone. And while I do not recommend that you pop your zit everytime you develop one, there are certain times when zit popping becomes a non-negotiable thing. For example, it might be your wedding day tomorrow and naturally, you want to look flawless and radiant. Well, if that is the case (or for some reason or another you really need to get rid of your zit), let me walk you through a guide that will allow you to get rid of your pimple without risking scarring.


You will need: two sheets of clean tissue.



Step 1: First, you need to wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and water.

Step 2: Then, go ahead and wrap your pointer fingers with the tissue.

Step 3: Now this is the pert where it becomes a little tricky. What you need to do here is to position your tissue-covered fingers on either side of your zit.

Step 4: Once everything is set, go ahead and pull or stretch the skin slowly from the site, gently applying pressure down on your face.


And it is as simple as that. Let me explain a few things first. You need to pull the skin out first from the zit before you squeeze it in to make sure that you get to all of the surrounding oils in it. Of course, don’t forget the after-care once you have taken care of and flattened your zit. Apply a toner to the area and don’t keep on touching the area. You might contaminate it and end up with an even bigger zit in the first place.



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