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Skip the Caking


So you say that you took absolute care in applying your makeup today. You woke up quite early just so you can lay out your outfit early, wash your hair, and think your hairdo through. And so all that is standing in between your good day and getting ready is your makeup application. The first on your makeup agenda: foundation. Make sure that when you apply these, you don’t commit these common foundation mistakes:


#1: You don’t prime your face

Here’s the truth: your makeup will not live up to its potential if you don’t properly prime your skin before application. So go ahead and take the time to cleanse, exfoliate, and apply a moisturizer on your face. Don’t forget to slather on primer too.


#2: You use the wrong formula

When it comes to choosing foundation, there really is no hard and fast rule to it. However, you might want to listen to what your skin tells you. For example, if your skin is a little on the oily side, you might want to avoid those foundations that have the word “luminizing” to them. Or your skin could be dry. If so, skip the matte formulas too. It’s as easy as finding out what is best for your skin.


#3: You don’t use the right tools

Sometimes, it all boils down to the tools that you use when applying your foundation. The tool in question: brushes. Make sure that you choose one that gives the most coverage and does not waste your product when you buff through your skin.


#4: You don’t practice the right technique

Let’s just say that you have the formula and the brush down to pat, all that is standing in between you and smooth skin is the technique for applying your foundation. Make sure that you use the technique that is right for the formula that you use.


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