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What is it about Thai women?


Hey there, my beauties. So, I just got back from a three-week trip to Thailand (I went to Bangkok and Chiang Mai). I truly enjoyed the trip and I think that I was able to fully get a grasp of the culture and the people there. And, of course, one aspect of their culture that I did not forget to note: their beauty culture. The Thai women have the smoothest and most radiant skin I’ve seen in my travels. Curious as to what their secrets are, I sat down with a group and here are some of the beauty secrets they have to share with us today.


#1: Consume turmeric regularly

I haven’t met a Thai woman who does not sing praises for this spice. They say that you can choose to add this to your food (they’re pretty stoked on spices) or even apply this topically on your skin as a mask or even as an exfoliant. But what’s so great about turmeric. Well, turmeric is a natural antioxidant that can help control your immune system. It can help you reduce your skin’s inflammation. So if you want to benefit from this wonder ingredient too, go ahead and incorporate this on the dishes that you eat and use it as a weekly pampering ingredient.


#2: Don’t skip collagen

When I went to Thailand, I could not get over how collagen was offered all over. Most creams had it, most milk drinks and yoghurts, and even in pills. This is because most of the women there are conscious of how their skin age. Collagen is known as to regenerate your skin and make it look younger.


#3: Create your own face masks

Sure, they are fan of Korean beauty too. But if they feel like they need serums of masks that are something more potent, they try to make their own. The usual combination is yogurt, honey and lime that works really good with oily skin. If you feel like they need a bit of hydration, cucumber and mashed potato mixes will do the trick too.


#4: SPF is a non-negotiable

And, because Thai women know the dangers of the sun’s rays, they always make it a point to protect their skin from it. They wear sunscreen all the time and they give skin protection a lot of importance.

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What is it about Thai women?


Hey there, my beauties. So, I just got back from a three-week trip to More...